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Healthe Pediatrics website being displayed on desktop and mobile devices.
HEALTHe Pediatrics
Healthe Pediatrics
Web Design & Development

Healthe Pediatrics New Website

We designed and developed a new website.

The Healthe Pediatrics homepage

Healthe Pediatrics

Dr. Ochoa approached us in need of a website for her new practice. We happily obliged, and worked alongside her to help establish her branding, and carried that through to the full website design.

We built this on WordPress as a custom theme, using no plugins other than a forms plugin.

Healthe Pediatrics' medicine dosage calculator

One Special Request

Along with needing a website, Dr. Ochoa noted a lack of easy to access and use medicine calculators for children.

We used our technical skills to create a javascript based calculator that is responsive and easy to use.

Sounds like a pretty good project, huh?

If any of the above write-up sounds familiar, or makes you think "Hey, maybe I should have my website redesigned." feel free to reach out to us