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Jett Galindo - Mastering engineer site rebuild

Rebuild site and move off of WordPress platform

Jett's homepage showing the tiled project display

Rebuild, but keep the content.

The original website was built using WordPress and the Divi theme, and was designed and build by Jett Galindo. Over the years the site required the usual constant maintenance associated with WordPress and WordPress plugins.

We took on this project to rebuild the existing website without changing anything aesthetically, but on a modern technology stack that doesn't run on WordPress.

We copied the content into the new content management system, which actually made things easier to organize and maintain for the client.

The project page showing the album metadata and an embedded video or audio player.

Aesthetically unchanged, but big improvements!

Even though we left things aesthetically unchanged, we still took it as an opportunity to improve the overall site performance and accessibility.

Since the previous site build relied on a database backend and a server running PHP (the same as every WordPress site requires,) we knew we'd have a leg up just by moving the site onto Next.js. When we launched the rebuild, we saw nearly instantaneous page loads when clicking through the site content and since we implemented lazy loading for the images, we saw improvements even on low bandwidth devices.

Sounds like a pretty good project, huh?

If any of the above write-up sounds familiar, or makes you think "Hey, maybe I should have my website redesigned." feel free to reach out to us