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Mitec Solutions IT Website redesign & Rebuild

A user-first, welcoming and friendly, website rebuild.

Mitec Solutions Homepage showcasing a comforting color scheme and friendly graphics

Mitec's IT Website

Mitec approached us to ask for a complete website redesign. They felt their previous website was a bit too up-tight and felt unfriendly. Their customers commented on that as well. We had a clear vision of where to take their new site design.

We designed a clean website with bright colors and plenty of white-space to make things easy to read and understand. We understood many of their users might be frustrated with computer issues even before getting to their website, so we wanted to make things as easy as possible.

Old vs new


The previous website was built on WordPress using a custom theme, and over the years had many issues with updates breaking pages, security issues requiring constant attention, and general user complaints.

We took a fresh approach and completely redesigned the website from the ground up, complete with all new imagery and text content. We also took this opportunity to build the website on a modern technology stack, utilizing Next.js and content management system.

Their new site has received rave reviews from their clientele, and loads many times faster than their previous website. There are no updates to perform, and the security is much tighter than before due to the new technology stack.

Sounds like a pretty good project, huh?

If any of the above write-up sounds familiar, or makes you think "Hey, maybe I should have my website redesigned." feel free to reach out to us