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Mitec Solutions
Internet Service Provider
Web Design & Development, Mitec Solutions ISP website

We designed and developed a website for Mitec's internet service in Ventura County.'s homepage

Mitec's Internet Website

Mitec Solutions came to us to get a new website for an existing segment of their business. They had been an internet provider for many years already, but their only online presence was part of their IT services website. We proposed separating the two so as to simplify user experiences, and to provide a better springboard for users when landing on their respective pages.

We kept their brand colors, but went with a friendly business-centered approach.

Mitec Address Lookup

Streamlining their process

With a location based service like an internet provider, it's very important to be able to respond quickly to inquiries. Mitec had been manually looking up addresses and cross referencing it with their own digital coverage maps to check for service availability.

As part of building the new standalone website for their internet service, we proposed integrating an address lookup to help determine service coverage automatically. Since Mitec's service area is constantly growing, it was important that they have the ability to easily update the data that backed this feature.'s Address lookup tool

Custom API Integration

To make the address lookup feature a reality, we needed to integrate with a maps service that could provide auto-completion upon entering an address as well as map data lookup to check for coverage area.

Using the Google Maps API service, we were able to come up with a solution that allows users to check their address for service availability and also made sure that Mitec retained the ability to easily update the coverage maps on the backend.

Sounds like a pretty good project, huh?

If any of the above write-up sounds familiar, or makes you think "Hey, maybe I should have my website redesigned." feel free to reach out to us