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Image showing SoundGirls Website being displayed on desktop and mobile devices.
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Web Design & Development

SoundGirls Wordpress Theme

We designed and developed a new theme for the SoundGirls WordPress website.

SoundGirls current homepage


We were approached to build a new theme for SoundGirls' WordPress website. They already had many years of posts and pages, so we had to make sure all of this carried over with the new theme.

Since it's a fairly text heavy site with many interviews and articles, we landed on a clean look with plenty of white space to give the text room to breathe.

SoundGirls old site compared to the new site

Modernizing and re-organizing

One of the key components of the SoundGirls website are their Profiles of Women in Music and that was something we felt would be best served as the first call to action on the SoundGirls homepage. We crafted their custom theme with this in mind, and also used this opportunity to clean up some of the other important sections and neatly organized them into a two column layout (one column on mobile) that clearly shows the information their users frequently look for.

SoundGirls merchandise store


Aside from their excellent content, SoundGirls also wanted to have their merch available for their members to purchase. We integrated with the WooCommerce Plugin to make this a reality.

Maintenance & Updates

As with most of the website we build, we only use plugins when absolutely necessary. We don't like to reinvent the wheel, but many plugins are left completely unmaintained and end up as a source of bloat and security vulnerabilities.

Thanks to this approach, updates are quicker and have less of a chance of causing issues on their site.

Sounds like a pretty good project, huh?

If any of the above write-up sounds familiar, or makes you think "Hey, maybe I should have my website redesigned." feel free to reach out to us